Whether we want to avoid conflict, be mindful of other people’s feelings, or simply because we’re afraid of the consequences, having difficult conversations isn’t something people normally look for. But what if we removed the word difficult and replaced it with the word intentional? What if we could find a way (and space) for sharing messages purposefully, without worrying about the weight of the topic and, in return, foster social and emotional development?

Today on the show, we’re chatting with the amazing Michaële Antoine. 

Michaële is a facilitator, educator, leader, and creator who focuses on equipping the community with the tools to have conversations that matter.

She is the founder of Curios, a consulting company where people can engage in healthy discourse about all the things and topics that have social and organizational impact.

In today’s episode, Michaële tells us all about her book club. A place where she brings people together with the goal of empowering worthwhile conversations, discuss their favorite books, and learn from each other.

You’ll hear Michaële and Lauren talk about the why and how of a book club, the challenges of moving this type of community to an online space, tips on how to find the right book club for you, and much more!

Things you will learn in this episode:
– The relationship between writing and reading.
– What is a book club and how it works.
– How to choose a book and why.
– How to start a book club.
– How to find and pick people to be in your book.

About Michaële Antoine:

R.M. Michaële Antoine is working to take the training wheels off talk. She is a facilitator, educator, leader, and creative focused on equipping the community with interpersonal tools to have conversations that matter. Michaële is the creator + founder of Curios, a consultancy aiming to curate experiences that foster curiosity, bravery, and intentionality through leadership/communication consulting, workshops + trainings, and retreats.

Prior to pursuing a second Master’s in Communication with a focus on rhetorical studies, Michaële worked in progressive roles within higher education, specifically in Residential Life, where she honed her skills in leadership, training & development, and DEI (diversity, equity + inclusion) education. Equipped with a practical background in content development, communication, business, and higher education administration, Michaële’s aim is to share her passion for intentional self-development, leadership, and communication with others and provide brave spaces for intentional work that allows for effective, authentic, and meaningful communication.

Connect with Michaële:
Instagram – @curiosbynature
Website – https://curiosbynature.com/
Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/company/curios-consulting/

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Resources mentioned in this episode:
Join my Write More Challenge HERE!
Dare To Lead by Brené Brown
The Bluest Eye by Tony Morrison
The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker

Book recommendation of the week:
Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell

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