How you ever wondered how writers can use Pinterest?
In case you didn’t know, Pinterest is much more than a place where you can get ideas for your next kitchen remodel.
Pinterest is an opportunity for you as a writer to get more eyes on your work and inspire millions of people through your writing.

Today’s guest, Sahar Twesigye, is here to help you pin your way to success in the largest visual discovery engine in the world!
Throughout this episode, You’ll hear Sahar provide a bountiful supply of valuable information on how to build your online presence, bring traffic to your website consistently, and showcase your writing in a beautiful, practical way.
Pinterest is a great platform to market your product and Sahar’s 2 million monthly views are proof of that! So today, she also talks about different tactics to help you build that coveted know, like, and trust factor on the platform, connect with your ideal audience, and much more!

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Things you will learn in this episode:
-What Pinterest is.
-How Pinterest can help your writing career.
-What makes Pinterest different from other platforms.
-How to measure and interpret Pinterest metrics.
-Pinterest content tips.

About Sahar Twesigye:

Sahar created the Pin to Profit Blueprint online course and is a Pinterest Expert, Marketing and Business Strategist, Life Coach, and mama of 4. Her mission? To help female founders and mumpreneurs grow their businesses without sacrificing what matters most.
After launching her wellness blog, Earth and Spoon, back in 2017, she was frustrated with the lack of traffic and decided to test drive Pinterest. Within 90 days, she increased her traffic by 300% and now has over 2 million monthly views on the platform. Find out more about her journey and work at

Connect with Sahar:
Instagram + Facebook – @sahartwesigye
Website –

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Resources mentioned in this episode:
Grab Sahar’s 7 Proven Pinterest Strategies Handbook and start driving traffic to your website today!
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In The Company of Women by Grace Bonney

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