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How do you know when you’re ready to publish your book? How do you go from the first draft to polished manuscript?

We know the word “publishing” itself can be frightening, especially when you fear other people’s judgment or you don’t think you have the perfect manuscript.
We know the struggle is real in the writer’s life and also how important it is to confidently get your story out into the world. That is why in this episode, we want to share with you 3 editing processes that will help you make sure your book is fully developed and ready to go.
We talk about the differences between line and content editing, the importance of having a second set of eyes go through your work, how and where you can find professional editors, and much more!

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Are you scared of putting your book out into the world?
I get it. The Internet feels like a playground full of bullies and you’re expected to take this precious child of yours, this baby you created, and let it just go run free among the trolls?
Nope. So much better to just keep it safe at home inside of you.

Except here’s the thing: anything locked away eventually begins to rot. That baby soon turns into an angry teen who sneaks out at night and crashes your car.

I have seen multiple friends and colleagues on the verge of killing themselves because they had an idea inside of them begging to come out, and they wouldn’t let it out because of fear.
I myself have felt horrible, deep, debilitating depression completely lift off of my shoulders after a writing session.

Now, this isn’t to say that my weekly therapy sessions didn’t play a major role in this as well, but there is something healing in telling your story. And there is total empowerment in seeing that story published.
But, that empowerment can go away quickly if you and your book are not ready to handle those bullies on the playground, a.k.a. critics and trolls on the Internet.
You need to give your book time to mature.
Just like you wouldn’t throw a newborn baby into a pool and expect it to swim, you need to make sure your book is developed enough before you put it out into the world.

So, how do you make sure your book is fully developed before you publish it? By going through these three editing processes:

Content Editing – Does your book have an overall flow? Is there a story arc with a solid beginning, middle, and end? Do you make the point you set out to make when writing this book? Is there a solid takeaway for the reader? Is the tone consistent throughout?

Line Editing – Does each line of your book make sense? What language are you using to convey something to the reader? How does it read? Is it clear and concise? Is it pleasurable to read? Do you have extraneous words or run-on sentences?

Copy Editing – Does your book have any technical flaws? Are the commas in the right place, is everything spelled right and is it grammatically correct? Are there any discrepancies in your characters, plots, or points made? Is everything that needs to be factually accurate correct?

While you can, and should, do these three edits for yourself, I also highly suggest hiring professional editors to help you. Not only does it give you a perspective outside of yourself, but professional editors have eyes trained to catch what your eye might skim over.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written a wrong word and totally not seen it because my brain turned it into what I meant it to be.
Professional editors are a wonderful way to make sure you don’t regret sending a book to an agent or self-publishing it with embarrassing errors.

How do you find a book editor?
I personally offer content editing through my Write Your Friggin’ Book Already course (which opens again in 2021) or through my content editing coaching program.
A quick Google search combined with your genre or book topic can help you find editors specific to what you’re writing, but I like using people others have tried and know to be great. I have a list of editors I use on my books and my client’s books, so if you’re looking for one, email me at info@laurenmariefleming.com and I’ll send it your way.

Editing is 100% worth the cost, but can get expensive, so if you’re short of funds try finding that one friend who is always pointing out your grammar mistakes on social media (we all know that person) and offer to take them out to dinner or clean their house in exchange for their time and skills.

I’ve used Facebook Groups like my Writers Squad to find fellow writers who want to edit each other’s works, and my friends are always excited to be beta-readers.
Whatever you do, don’t let cost keep you from a thorough three edit process. It is the most important step in making sure your book is ready to be out in the world.

So, to make sure that your book baby is ready to swim before you throw it into the sea of publishing, remember to give it a thorough content edit, line edit, and copy edit. And to find people to help you do that, join the Writers Squad Facebook group at facebook.com/groups/WritersSquad.
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